Gym training gloves( 1 pair)


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good quality material.comfortable and excellent grip.hand support


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Gym training gloves( 1 pair)ideal for gym training, crossfit,fitness and all strength sports.?These?weight lifting gloves?sold by Break
Thru have wrist wrap for support. Unlike some wrist wraps that make you feel
like your wrists are getting chocked. Gold star have designed this product with
comfort in mind. These workout gloves by Gold star are unisex and can be used
by both men & women. This is a great feature; you wouldn?t have to skip
training because your pair has broken apart. You can simply borrow your
partner?s pair of gloves and use to work out for the day as you make
arrangements to receive your next pair. The gloves are available in a wide
range of sizes. Anyone can their best fit. If by any chance you pick a size
that does not quite fit your hands, you can have them exchanged for the right
sized pair without a problem. You don?t therefore have to sacrifice your preference
for the brand because you can?t find something for your size of hands. The
gloves are available in neutral colors that match the color preferences of many
people. Chances are that you?ll find what you like. Their integrated wrist
support provides the best grip for men and women alike. Thy are particularly
perfect for people with weaker wrists. The support is extremely helpful in
ensuring you don?t hurt your wrist joints. The additional support can also help
you lift bigger weights that you could otherwise not be able to manage.