Liveup Pedal Exercisor – Silver


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Perfect for home and office.burn calories fast.easy to exercisemade with quality iron

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Liveup Pedal ExercisorThe resistance is adjustable, simply turn the knob to your desired resistance. The pedals are covered with rubber blocks to prevent slipping from the tool. Even the base of the pedal is provided with rubber coatings in order to avoid that the tool will move during the exercises.This sturdy standard pedal exerciser is an economical way to get the upper and lower body aerobic workout you need. Made of high quality 1″ chrome-plated steel tubing, the frame is fully assembled and welded as one piece (be advised that some competitive models described as “knockdown” mean you need to assemble the frame components, often resulting in a less rigid product). It has 4 long-lasting flat-bottom rubber feet to grip the floor (compare to some competitor’s foam wrapped footings) and adjustable pedal straps to keep your feet in place. Controlling the amount of resistance is easy: Turn the knob clockwise to increase resistance and counter clockwise to decrease. Our tension range goes from very easy to noticeably difficult.