Live Pro Latex Loop Band ( Light)


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Good quality latex materialGood for stretching, pilates and strength exercisesEasy to use and workout anywhere

These resistance bands are ideal for group exercise classes, strength and flexibility training, general fitness or workout and rehabilitation therapy. These resistance bands are made of Latex and are durable, long-lasting and effective.?
Latex Loop BandExtremely light and compact, the Mini Bands set is easy to carry and take anywhere and will allow you to strengthen and sculpt both your upper and lower body while targeting both core and stabilizing muscles.?
This latex loop band is made from high quality rubber latex. Allows the user to do a wide variety of exercises. The exercise loop is perfect for upper and lower body exercises.Workouts can be such a hassle. If you?re not running to the gym every day before or after work, you?re trying to find the motivation to do an intense workout with live pro loop bands. So start your home gym today and get fit.