Set of 5 – Resistance Exercise Bands/toning Tubes


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ideal for pilate,stretching and strength trainingEasy to exercise & use any whereFive different resistance level

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Resistance Exercise Bands/toning tubes (5 piece set)??Resistance bands provide a great way to get a workout without putting too much stress on the joints. Compact and effective, they are ideal for Pilates, stretching, and strength-training.Resistance bands are fitness gear that resemble long, stretchy jump ropes. They are usually made of rubber or a similar material that provides enough strength while still stretching with the user’s movements. They add an extra level of resistance to normal workout routines, thereby making it easy to incorporate weight training into any workout. For instance, a simple squat becomes more difficult with a resistance band, which enhances the activity’s fat-burning, muscle-building potential.
Beginners should start with familiar exercises similar to those done using free weights. The resistance band can be fastened to a door or pole for a variety of lateral exercises, shoulder rotations, and chest exercises. Users can hook the band around their feet while lying down and pull with their arms, push with their legs, or work their stomach muscles. Users can also stand on a band or wrap it around their foot as they sit to allow a number of additional exercises for the arms and abs. In addition, they can do a number of strength-training and stretching exercises with the help of a partner.