Medicine Ball – 3kg – Orange


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Liveup Medicine Ball 3kgEasy to grip.easy to ball for whole body workout.


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Medicine balls are commonly used by athletes to improve their
core strength, especially in the chest, arms and legs. Athletes who have
sustained injuries also perform medicine ball training to recover their former
strength and fitness. Medicine balls are effective?exercise?equipment for
professional boxers, who use them to build strength in the?abdominal?muscles. A
medicine ball is dropped onto a boxer’s abdomen from a certain height to
simulate a punch from an opponent. Certain schools use medicine balls as
fitness aids for students, who are required to perform a wide range of
exercises to stretch their muscles and improve their strength.

Medicine ball exercises are effective for improving
sport-specific as well as overall strength, fitness, flexibility and body
coordination. They can be performed alone or with one or more partneSome of
the common medicine ball exercises include squats, lunges, lunge crossovers,
slams, crunches, oblique twists, single-leg V-ups, reverse curls, overhead
lateral flexions, kneel to push ups, diagonal chops, figure eights, two-arm
wall passes, hammer throws, sit-up passes, front lateral raises and standing
Russian twists.