Jumping Rope Live up


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good quality plastic handleseffective for all jumping exercisesnon toxic material used

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Jumping Rope Live upSkipping is one of the best cardio exercises.This LS3143 skipping rope is made of PVC, and is extremely lightweight and portable.It can be carried along and used anywhere.It is equipped with non-slip, lightweight, ergonomic plastic handles for faster rope speed.It is great for schools, gyms, personal training etc.The rope is approximately 300cm long and 5mm thick.Its length is adjustable as per personal requirements.It comes in a transparent tube packaging for easy storage.What piece of exercise equipment , fits into a briefcase, can be used by the whole family, and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same time. And using it for just 15-20 minutes will burn off the calories .Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope. so keep moving and stay fit.